CCW Support Holster Details


Custom Adjustability. Adjust to fit the handgun you carry.  The holster can be positioned at any angle you choose. The stretch Velcro section has two strategically located snaps that give extra holding power. This enables you to adjust your holster to any position you desire and holds your weapon close to your body.  

Custom Holster Selection. Holsters are available in three styles and sized to fit your weapon;  Rigid with Spine, Semi Soft with Spine or Wrap Around for maximum concealment.

Custom Quick Change.  You can order Extra Holsters for any of the guns you want to carry.  Simply snap your holster off and snap your next holster on.  These Extra Holsters are made to fit the Concealed Support system.  

Custom Fit.  And since each Concealed Support Holster and Posture Back Support allows you to make these adjustments, you can be sure to get the right fit for your gun and your back.

Rugged Durability.  **We make our holsters using Ballistic Nylon (black holsters) and Heavy Duty Luggage Grade Nylon (white holsters) webbing for stability and durability.  

Stealth, Silent Speed.  The gun strap is made with elastic straping to ensure a quick release and a snug fit. The magnet allows for quiet  smooth release when you draw the gun from the holster, yet holds your gun in tight.  If you choose the velcro strap closure, there is an easy pull tab for that “quick draw” of your weapon.   The holster is fastened so that there is very little movement of your *CCW.

Maintain Posture and Prevent Fatigue.  Fully adjustable, the Concealed Support Holster and Posture Back Support has a strap that fastens just under the chest.  Suspender straps come diagonally across the back and over the shoulders adjusting your shoulders back and down to the correct neutral and correct posture position.  These straps can be adjusted to increase or decrease the tension and corrective force.

Comfort.  Lightweight and flexible vest-like brace that is comfortable to wear.  Soft spandex material that can be worn under or over clothing.

We guarantee a good fit:  If within the first 90 days, you find your Concealed Support Holster needs an adjustment, send it back to us (you pay to ship it to us).  We will make the adjustments you need and return it at NO COST to you (adjustments and return shipping back to you FREE).


Concealed Support Holster, Front Viewmade in usa

Concealed Support Holster Back Concealed Support Holster, Side View